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Cake on the Lake

245 Ellerman Road


L3 4FG 

Phone: 07473555717

Email: info@cakeonthelake.com



Cake on the Lake is a bespoke wedding cake and cake decorating service located at City Quay on Riverside Drive, Liverpool, L3. 

From consultation to creation, we will bring your dream cake to life. Whether you are looking for an exquisite showstopper or a unique and quirky design we can create it.

All our cakes are made from the freshest ingredients.

We are sure you will taste the amount of love and quality in every bite.

We pride ourselves on offering our customers an exceptional level of service and customer care. 

Price Guide 

Below is a guide with prices calculated on the cost of ingredients plus the board and box and any extras including the time it takes for us to make and decorate your cake.  Prices also vary on whether the cake is square or round as you use more ingredients in a square cake than a round cake and again on how may layers or tiers you want can also affect the price.

Celebration Cakes 

5" cake - £25 - £60.00

6" cake - £40.00 - £80.00

7" cake £50.00 - £100.00

8" cake £60.00- £120.00

9" cake £70.00- £130.00

10"  cake £80.00 - £140.00

12" cake - £100-£200

For example, a 7" inch cake for £50.00 is for a simply decorated round, jam and buttercream cake and up to £100.00 for a highly decorated round or square cake with flowers/figures in a luxury flavour

Wedding Cakes 

2 Tiers (8/6)  - £175.00+  

3 Tiers  (8/6/4) - £225.00+  

3 Tiers (10/8/6) ( 275.00+ 

4 Tiers (10/8/6/4) - £325.00+ 

Wedding cakes are iced in luxury sugar paste  and trimmed with ribbon.  Additional decorations would be an additional cost i.e. sugar flowers, or handmade toppers etc..  


You can choose from any of the following flavours:-

1. Raspberry Ripple

2. Salted Caramel 

3. Lemon 

4. Chocolate

5. Classic Jam and Buttercream


 Please feel free to email us for any specific requests at info@cakeonthelake.com  

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